Portland, Oregon

DreamReaper is the cyberfunk project of Portland-based electronic musician Troy Dierke. His music combines the dark sounds of cyberpunk with unique funk elements to create the vibe of a futuristic dystopian disco. Each DreamReaper track is a high energy thrill ride complete with heavy, distorted bass grooves, resulting in a dark, yet danceable sound that is instantly recognizable and impossible to sit still to. Influences include Carpenter Brut, Opiuo, Defunk, and Ellis with an increasing interest in the mid-tempo bass sound popularized by artists such as Rezz, Lick, and 1788-L.

DreamReaper’s debut album Liminality has recently seen reissue treatment from the prominent retro synth label FiXT Neon. The release has been completely remastered by the artist and expanded with two additional tracks from the original sessions, as well as wrapped up in brand new artwork by the talented Matt Mills. The original release of the album topped several charts on the independent music site Bandcamp as well as received glowing reviews from new and long-time fans. Now listeners old and new alike get to experience the album enhanced to sound and look better than ever before.

In addition, DreamReaper has become well known for his remixes, where he transforms tracks into something totally unlike the original. Examples include turning the night drive soundscape of Essenger’s After Dark into groovy mid-tempo and flipping the dirty electro of Lazerpunk’s Black Lambo into an intergalactic funk banger. DreamReaper has released singles and remixes on independent labels FiXT Neon, Lazerdiscs Records, Casual Encounters, Midnight Beach Records, and Synth City Records.

While he would be happy to lock himself in the studio 24 hours a day, DreamReaper puts on an unforgettable live performance. He has shared the stage with national touring acts Magic Sword, GosT, Makeup & Vanity Set, Tokyo Rose, Lazerpunk, Betamaxx, Lucy in Disguise and others in addition to headlining the well-known Nightwav party in Los Angeles. In 2019 he was featured with some of the top synthwave artists in the US, performing at Portland/Seattle’s inaugural synthwave festival Neon Rose Fest, where even though the table collapsed mid-performance, he didn’t miss a beat. In 2021, DreamReaper will be moving into film scoring and soundtrack territory as well as greatly expanding his catalog of remixes and singles. He plans to continue incorporating varied influences and genres into his music, evolving his sound while exploring the various corners of the Cyberfunk realm.